Four Tips on How to Make your Relationship Survive this Lockdown

The lockdown had constraint people to their home, and this had affected couples more than anyone else. Those living together started to get on each other’s nerves and needed space and time away from one another. While for some, they had to be away from their partner. Due to circumstances, they weren’t able to quarantine together. Due to this long-distance, they start to drift away from each other, and their relationship is not able to surpass the distance. 


The current situation is new to many, and with being locked up at home, relationships also had to adapt to other aspects of our lives. Many have just moved in with each other, or are new couples and are having a hard time dealing with yourself and your partner. 

The constant routine and nothing spicing up your love life with your partner start to increase arguments or irritation. Finally, making one another want to take a break or call off the relationship altogether. In all this chaos going around and within you, one also misses the alone and single time they once had. 

Tips to Keep the spark going 

Relationships are tiring and take up a lot of your energy, so all you wish for is to find a solution for your relationship to work during this time, without it tiring you. So, here are four tips to keep the spark going and your relationship glued. 

  1. Privacy – The main focus during quarantine is having your own time. You and your partner are staying together during a lockdown, sit in the same room but do your own thing. Like you could take a book and read while the other could be painting. The ones who are away from each other you can use to make time for each other and time when you both get to do your own thing. You can also use phones or video calls to be seeing or hearing each other while doing your painting or reading. 
  2. Creativity – In times like these, you need to be creative in the way you shower your love. If you are staying together, have activities planned for both of you. Such as date nights or spa day. If you are away from each other, find means to send letters or gifts or even play a game with each other over a video call. 
  3. Honesty – Be honest with one another about what you are feeling, get to the bottom of it together. 
  4. Experiment and explore – The critical need for the hour is to experiment and explore new things with your partner. Keep the romance and flirting going and add new angles as well. The last thing, when you decide to spend time with one another, keep your phones away. Spend time with your partner by giving them your attention. 

Final Thoughts 

The need of the hour is to hold on to communication. Both partners need to be open and communicate, and never forget how things were before the lockdown and what your relationship means. Take it slow and understand what works for you as a couple and work through it together. 

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