How The Hell Do I Stop Snoring? Try This Thing Out


There’s no use denying it. We all do it. Some more than others. I know, I know, sometimes you feel ashamed. But it’s natural! It’s a perfectly human thing to do! And don’t you let your girlfriend tell you otherwise!

I’m talking about snoring, of course. As much as you’d like that random girl in the bar to believe you’ve never snored a day in your life, you’ve done it. As long as you’ve had a gasp of air flowing through those lungs of yours, a snore has escaped those lips.

I’m not ashamed. I’m proud of my snores! I’ve been compared to a grizzly bear being shoved into a wood chipper. Nope, it’s not pretty. But that’s what, we, as men, do. It’s one of our fundamental rights of manhood.

But no matter how proud of my snores I might be, my significant other is never quite as impressed. In fact, there have been many lonely nights on the couch. Nights in which I was ceremoniously elbowed out of the perfectly me-shaped dent on my side of the bed.

Don’t you worry my snoring brethren, there is a light at the end of this tunnel of sawing wood. I found this AWESOME new gadget called the Good Morning Snore Solution. Now, here me out. I know you might have tried all of those cheap pieces of junk you can find for a few bucks at your local drug store, but this is something completely new and improved.

The Good Morning Snore mouthpiece uses good ole trusty science to solve the bane of a snorer’s existence. They have tons of actual clinical evidence to back up their guarantees.

While typical anti-snoring mouthpieces simply hold the jaw in place, the Good Morning Snore Solution actually displaces your tongue to ensure a restful, snore-free night. I know, tongue displacement sounds pretty violent, but don’t be scared, it’s just fancy-speak for moving your tongue the hell out of the way so that your airways can breathe easy.

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, your tongue and your airways are like the Montagues and the Capulets. Trust me, you want them to be on good terms or it’ll result in blood. Your blood. That’s what happens when your sleep-deprived girlfriend’s fist becomes better acquainted with your (now broken) nose.

Trust me, this is a good investment.

Buy your own here.

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