How to Beat the Bookies on NFL

Online gambling has exploded onto the scene in the United States this year, with several states dropping their outdated anti-gambling laws and embracing one of the most interesting and lucrative business areas. Online sportsbook betting isn’t yet legal from coast to coast, with some states standing their ground in the face of change and mounting pressure from citizens.

As many influential states move to legalize sportsbook betting, industry experts believe it’s only a matter of time. They predict gambling will soon be legal in more states of America than illegal, and that’s difficult to dispute. Which side of the fence do you sit on regarding online sports? Perhaps you’re all for it and already enjoy betting on the most exciting NFL games live on TV. You may be undecided and prefer to watch from afar to see how this new dawn plays out in the coming weeks and months.

Regardless of your views on betting, one thing is for sure: online gambling is here to stay. With this season’s Super Bowl played in Paradise, Nevada, 2024 will break all previous records for bets placed on the NFL’s flagship game. The leading gambling apps reviewed at the sports everygame site show the top bookies already offering odds on the 2024 Super Bowl champion, allowing fans to get in early and secure the value. Which team are you backing?

What to Expect

If you’ve tried online sportsbook betting previously or have an interest in learning more, you would’ve noticed some gamblers are better than others. What makes a winning bettor, and what do they do differently to a losing bettor or one with a mixed bag of results? Do winners have the golden touch and can spot a good selection quicker than anyone else? They may have a secret formula or strategy that allows them to stay one step ahead of the bookies.

We’ll share the most important tip in sports betting with you early in this article; there’s no secret to success. If a tipster or gambler says they have a winning formula, they’re either lying through their teeth, trying to sell you something, or both. Becoming a profitable gambler takes years of hard work, sacrifice, and mistakes. Although most bettors only post and promote their wins, you should realize they also suffer their fair share of losing selections.

In this article, we invite online gambling expert and ex-professional sportsman Frank Monkhouse to share his thoughts on the modern betting industry and how you can target a profit from gambling in the NFL. There are no tricks or secrets revealed on this page, just good habits that will help turn your near-misses into wins and profits. Follow the advice contained in this article and try it for yourself ahead of the next round of NFL fixtures.

Finding a Bookie

Your bets will only be as successful as your bookmaker allows, and that’s why it pays to join a modern, forward-thinking, and fair bookie that’s legal and licensed to trade in your region. You must find the best bookie for you, and there are hundreds available. Browse the market and find an app that loves the NFL as much as you, offering odds on all games, serving hundreds of markets each weekend, and offering competition-beating prices.

Your first check should be on the legality of betting in your state or an area you’re visiting, then find a bookie licensed by a respected board. Only fully licensed apps settle your bets in a fair and timely manner while protecting your online security. Browse an app or website fully before deciding to join. Look for a gambling app with reliable customer service channels, and compare the odds offered and the payment options. Each area must impress, and you must know the bookie is genuine before registering an account.

When you’ve found the right bookie for you, it’s time to create an account. You are free to browse a betting app. To gamble on the NFL, you must register an account by visiting their homepage, completing the registration form, creating a username and password, and then depositing funds.


The leading bookies offer all new players a welcome bonus when they create an account, deposit $10 or more, and wager on an NFL game. These bonuses help a firm stand out from the crowd in such a competitive market. When you need help deciding which app to join, and there’s little between the contenders, go for the one with the most generous welcome bonus.

The most popular new customer promotion is the deposit-matched free bet. When you create an account, deposit funds, and wager, the marketing team matches your deposit as a free bet. Other bonuses offered include enhanced odds, cashback, profit boosts, and extra places each way. 

Study the Stats

When you’ve secured an account, it’s time to start wagering on NFL games. It would help if you researched fully before parting with your hard-earned cash, leaving no stone unturned in your quest to beat the bookies. That’s the difference between winning bettors and losing gamblers: great research. The more you know about a game, its history, and the two teams’ recent form, the more likely you are to make a smart prediction about the result.

Start by looking at the recent form of both teams. Have they enjoyed a winning streak, or is one team stuck in a losing rut? Then, check the league standings to see what the game means to both sides. Is it more important to one team chasing the playoffs, and could that impact the result? What can you take from the head-to-head scores and recent trends? 

Watch interviews with players and coaches, then get up to speed on the latest injury news. You’ll then be in a strong position to call the result.

Best Price

Lastly, every bet placed should be at the market’s best price. Check any gambling odds comparison app to see which firm is the most generous in your selection. Taking anything less than the top odds on your bet hands the advantage to the bookies.

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