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It’s Time to Go Out Like an Adult - Slosh Spot

It’s Time to Go Out Like an Adult


They say everyone is working for the weekend, and for the most part, those people are right. Going out on the weekends is something that young adults plan for throughout the entire week. Most of the time this means that you and your group of friends will be heading to your local bar or restaurant, where the servers and bartenders know you by name. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the same old bar with the same old crowd and music can grow stale after a while. If you find yourself in a rut every weekend, there are some ways you can go out and experience a new side of the nightlife.

Your definition of a night out might start at the bars, but treat yourself, and your friends, to a new experience and explore some of your city’s better restaurants for sit down meal before you head out. When looking for a restaurant, obviously check the menu for something that catches your eye, but be sure to research the atmosphere as well. Atlanta’s DELKWOOD GRILL is a great example. The menu is second to none, with a variety of tradition American plates, as well as more standard pub fare. But the real story is the atmosphere. Nearly every inch of wall space is covered with antiques. You’ll find vintage license plates, neon beer signs and framed pictures of celebrities. If you are outside of the Atlanta area, chances are your city has a similar spot where the decor is as unique as the menu.

When you do go out, try to find a bar that is off the beaten path a bit. Whiskey and wine bars are becoming increasingly popular, with visitors coming in to sample wines and spirits from across the world. If you are still looking for a more traditional bar scene, skip the clubs and long lines and fine a local “mom and pop” bar. Chances are you’ll find great specials to go along with the locals who are looking to escape the younger crowds.

Just because you’re growing up, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop having fun. You can still find plenty of new places to explore with your friends. So this weekend, do yourself a favor and find a new spot to call your own.

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