Bro Trip: Dudes and Don’ts

1You love your dude friends and you are always looking for newer, cooler ways to spend time with them. If your group of friends is particularly tight, it might be time to take your relationship to the next level: bro-cation.

A trip with fellow dudes can be one of the most exciting, most satisfying vacations of your life — if you do it right. Unlike other types of travel, bro-cations have strict rules of etiquette to ensure every dude enjoys his time away. To make sure your guy trip shows your men how much you care (in a masculine way, of course) here’s what you need to know while you plan your dude adventure.

Do: Choose a Manly Destination

While the definition of masculinity continues to morph as we culturally re-evaluate gender norms, your bro trip will be smashingly successful as long as you choose a destination that caters to dudes’ desires. The following places tend to be especially ideal for inspiring bromance:

  • Montreal. Even though this Canadian city is just a hop, skip, and jump north of the border, the French influence makes a trip here feel exotic and fun. Montreal is known the world over for its outstanding cuisine, but dudes can also enjoy the superb night scene (replete with unprecedentedly liberal strip clubs).
  • Miami. The closest most Americans can get to the Caribbean, Miami offers sun-drenched beaches and barely bikini’d babes virtually everywhere in the city. Hip hop reigns supreme here; it’s likely you’ll run into at least one music mogul while you explore the marinas and nightclubs.
  • Niagara Falls. Long touted as a destination for newlyweds, Niagara Falls has transformed into the sophisticated bro’s paradise. With more than 12 golf courses (many of which provide stunning views of the Falls) and dozens of wineries (not to mention the up-and-coming craft brewery scene) there is more for dudes to do here than you might think.
  • New Orleans. By day, New Orleans provides history and culture unlike those in any other U.S. city. By night, the Big Easy explodes into an all-out party whose epicenter is at Bourbon Street — where you can drink on the street and exchange beads for breasts nearly any time of year.

Don’t: Bother With All-Inclusive Packages

2All-inclusive hotels and packages claim to save travelers time and money, but more often than not, they aren’t worth the effort for bros on the go. All-inclusive vacations are appealing because they factor in the costs of meals and activities, providing guests a single per-night cost. However, dude travelers rarely enjoy most of the amenities provided by all-inclusive packages — like horseback riding or spa treatments. Worse, all-inclusive plans rarely include the price of alcohol, which is the reoccurring theme of most bro-cations. It’s best to skip the budget-draining all-inclusive spots and draft your own dude itinerary.

Do: Research Bro-Friendly Activities and Events

After you settle on a particular destination, you should compile a long list of possible activities, attractions, and events in your bro trip city. You can ask your fellow dude travelers to do their own meager research as well to ensure that you have daily options every guy will enjoy. Some bro-friendly suggestions include:

  • Golf courses
  • Sports games (baseball, basketball, football, etc.)
  • Breweries and wineries
  • Marinas
  • Hiking trails
  • Extreme sports (auto racing, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc.)

If you like, you can even organize your list based on location within the city to provide easy access to nearby attractions while you are away.

Don’t: Plan an Ironclad Itinerary

Even if you are the group’s designated trip planner, you should resist the temptation to draft a strict schedule. Dudes will do as dudes do; most guys prefer to proceed based on impulse rather than itinerary. Creating a schedule set in stone is a waste of your time, and it could lead to tension on the trip.

Do: Tell Wives and Girlfriends

Your bro-cation shouldn’t be a secret, especially if you are traveling to notoriously salacious cities like Montreal or Miami. Every dude in the group should be honest with their significant others regarding the plans for the trip. Otherwise, your trip will end with disappointment and regret.

Don’t: Invite a Non-Bro

Every guy on your trip should be total bros with each other. Travel can expose the worst sides of people; being active day and night in a new place with limited personal space often takes its toll. Inviting a dude who isn’t already one with the group could cause animosity and discomfort that will make the trip awkward and lame. Bro trips should only be shared among the dudes you love most.

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