Top 3 Movies to Watch if you have a Pet

Is watching animal videos your guilty pleasure?

The favorite member of your family is your pet?

Well, then these three movies are a must-watch.

Comedy movie


A 1-hour 51-minute movie, Ratatouille is a story about how a tiny rat is ambitious to become a chef. Sounds funny right? However, it’s a beautiful film that shows how that little creature jumps all obstacles and reaches his goal as he ultimately opens a restaurant of his own.

It makes you realize the importance of self-confidence and hard work. As you know, it’s practically impossible for a rat to cook, the movie is based on the lesson that ‘Anyone can cook’. You just need the right skill and aptitude along with a tinge of determination.

The rat faces a lot of hate and criticism from humans as they treat the former as a dirty rodent and the restaurant where the rat works, almost lose its fame when the news breaks out. However, things fall into place in the end.

Another lesson to learn from the movie is that one should always keep trying new things and not be afraid of failing. Changing the course of routine activities is necessary in order to always keep learning and being better than before.

Secret Life of Pets

The movie is divided into 2 parts with each being of 1 hour and close to 30 minutes. As the name suggests, the film shows what pets do when their owners leave them for a little while.

It beautifully describes what a pet might feel when you bring another one home. It’s like how a new child is born in the family and the elder one thinks all the attention and love get diverted and/or divided. 

In an attempt to get rid of the new pet, the dog in the film conspires against the addition in the family, however, falls into his own trap and both the dogs get lost. In the meanwhile, they meet a rabbit who is forming an association of abandoned pets.

All through the movie, a wonderful pet-owner relationship is portrayed. The love your pets have for you is commendable and unimaginable.

Along with this one thing, morals of teamwork and overcoming your fear are also pictured.

A dog’s purpose

A dog’s purpose is a 2-hour film that speaks about different aspects of life. Two of them being – the dog is a man’s true best-friend and how animals also deserve our love and respect.

These creatures, though cannot speak but can feel and understand the tiniest of emotions. They know when you are upset, happy, and when you are distant.

Be grateful for their existence and you’ll be happy you have them in your life.

Already grateful? Well, then it’s time for a reminder!

All animal-related movies are cute and fun to watch with a lesson each time. The three listed above not only talk about the bond of animals with humans but also speak about the basic morals that somewhere we forget in the course of just living. Watch them, enjoy, be happy that you have a pet, crave for one if you don’t have a pet, and recover all those values that are hidden in your subconscious mind.

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