Top Reasons to Check Twice before Accepting Bonuses in an Online Casino

If you are just starting your gambling career, you might be just excited by all the bonuses that some online casinos offer. You can find there everything: the most attractive welcome bonus that promises to boost your account funds at least for a couple of hundreds more, just make a deposit. Free spins look so attractive, as well, and you don’t need to pay for them at all. And what about all those cashback offers?


When you play slot games, it looks sometimes as if you were in a bonus paradise: each game offers something. But is everything really so attractive? Are all those bonuses and promotions real indeed?

Bonuses Are not Free

We should inform you that all those bonuses are not free. So, before celebrating the fact that you found a casino with amazing bonuses and offers for both new and constant players, check the following conditions:

  • Wagering conditions;
  • Expiration date;
  • Limitations of games options;
  • Wagering contribution of your favorite games.

Wagering Requirements

It means that you are given some money or free spins as a bonus, and you can play with it. But you cannot withdraw anything won with the bonus if you don’t invest your money, a particular sum, and don’t play with it. Which sum should you play through? It all depends on the wagering requirements and on the sum that the casino gave you as a bonus. For example, if you received 100 USD of bonus money and you need to wager it 20x, just a simple calculation will tell you that you need to play through 100 x 20 = 2,000 USD. Do you have this sum available? If yes, just request the bonus.

Expiration Date

Yes, you cannot wager your bonus money for ages. If your bonus expires after 30 days, you have 30 days only to complete the wagering conditions. After that, all your bonus money expires. And the invested money that you were depositing? Well, you have been playing with it, so, if you won, it is great, but if you lost, then, you cannot do much about it.

Limitations in Games That You Can Play

This limitation comes with almost all bonuses: you can play a particular number of games until you complete the wagering. The casino indicates clearly which games you are allowed to play. If you break the rule, your bonus will disappear in the best case. In the worst case, your account will be permanently blocked. Are you lucky enough to have selected a casino that allows you playing all the games available on the website? Yes, there are such casinos, but again, not everything is so simple. Just check how much each game contributes to wagering. While slots usually contribute 100% of the money you played through, some games, such as live casino or table games, might contribute even 10% from the invested sum. It means that you are very welcome to play them, but you will need to deposit much more.

Now, when you know what you should pay attention to when selecting the nicest bonus, you can request one and use all the advantages it gives.

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