Unusual WWE Rules You Should Know About In Some Areas

Now, while many things suggest that the WWE may not be as strict as we may have imagined, there are still rules that must be followed in every competition.  However, some rules are universal while others are just circumstantial and could even be for a particular city or match.

restriction of WWE fights

No High Heel in Carmel-By-The-Sea

They are known as Carmel-by-the-Sea in California is one place that witnesses a lot of WWE actions from year to year. However, this place comes with a lot of rules that people must adhere to if they must compete in the state. This city as a general rule prevents anybody from wearing high heels unless the person gets a special permission to that effect. There are lots of irregular pavements in the city, and this could cost lots of accidents. To avoid the lawsuits that may accompany such accidents, this rule is enforced. However, the most WWE related part of it is that to even those divas that get involved in WWE, this rule also applies on the aprons they use. So, for the ladies to get into the WWE ring in Carmel with high heels, they must get permission from the city authorities.

No One Wears Baby Blue Trunks in the North Carolina on Wednesdays

This state is related to the baby blue brand more than many other states. However, for a particular day of the week, and indeed during the midweek, no one is allowed to wear any trunk of that color. This rule in essence applied to superstar events too. So, the Smackdown, Raw Supershow and the WWE Live Events can only break this and go free if they have permission. Otherwise, no one gets on the rings for these shows on Wednesdays with the baby blue trunks or they will be penalized and their wwe betting odds wasted.

Only 12 vs. 1 Can Get Involved In Multi-Person Matches

Many people enjoy those nights when an entire league pounces one person before turning back on each other. But the state of Oregon regulates the number of people that can do this pouncing. If you are among those that go haywire because the entire world is kicking and punching that wrestler you like to hate, just don’t get too excited because only 12 others can attack him at the same time in Tillamook, Oregon. This sounds too much already, right? Yea, but this could have been more if not for the rule. But the weird part of it is that the rule also stipulates that one wrestler cannot be attacked by less than 12 people too.  So, it is either 12 or nothing here.

The Tag Ropes in Dallas Must Be Measured By Licensed Independent Inspectors

Many young WWE wrestlers see the tag rope as one of the weirdest things in the ring. Many people, especially the laymen believe that the rope must be held unto by the superstars, pending when they are tagged into the bout legally. The fact is that the rope is there to ensure that illegal partners do not interfere in the fight, and that there is no inappropriate double-teaming. The length of these ropes does not matter for some, as it does nothing to affect the bet predictions. However, in Dallas, the length of the rope and other subtle details about it also matters. It gets to the extent that independent inspectors are invited to measure the length of the ropes on each side before any Pay per View Shows, WWE TV Shows, and other live events take place.

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