White Tea Shot Recipe

Having a shot or two is a fantastic way to relax and let loose. However, not every person in the surroundings wants to chug down glass after glass of the drink. Some individuals want to have some degree of alcohol but without feeling too consumed by the alcohol.

The white tea shot is ideal for those who want to feel the buzz but don’t want to gain weight or feel too overwhelmed. It is a “healthier” version of the standard tequila shots that most people chug down at clubs.

This article will discuss the white tea shot recipe and how you can make it yourself.

White Tea Shot Recipe

white tea shot recipe

Before we discuss the recipe in detail, let us discuss the drink first. The white tea shot is a refreshing, low-calorie alcoholic beverage that you can drink for a slight buzz.

It is similar to the Green tea drink/shots with Irish Whiskey in them. The only difference is that the white tea shot recipe uses a white tea bag.

But, the best part of this shot is the customization choices. It can be made in varying ways with different ingredients like peach schnapps, sour mix, seasonal fruits, etc.

The white tea shot is quite refreshing if you are wondering how the taste is. It isn’t too bitter or overpowering, which is why it’s popular among women. What influences the taste is the white degree and additional ingredients used.

Also, the flavor of this drink is maximum when it’s steeped for some time. Since it has a lighter flavor profile, you can accentuate the taste further with additional ingredients.


What is the White Tea Shot Made Of?

Now that you know a bit about the flavor profile of the white tea shot, let us walk you through the list of ingredients and recipe.

To be fair, making this drink is a beginner bartender’s dream. However, it’s easy and doesn’t involve a lot of ingredients, making it a public favorite.

Here’s a list of the ingredients you’d need:

White tea bags – 2 bags. You need to get your hands on a high-quality white teabag to extract maximum flavor from the tea. Ideally, we’d recommend you focus on steeping the teabag in some piping hot mug of water to extract most of the tea.

Water – you’d need this to be hot, preferably boiling. This is what you will steep the tea in.

Honey – since the white tea doesn’t have a robust flavor of its own and has a bitter aftertaste, adding some honey can accentuate the flavor of the tea and sweeten it.

Lemon juice – adding some type of citrus to the drink is mandatory to elevate the drink’s taste. If you don’t prefer lemon juice, sour mix, and peach schnapps work too. But, an element of Vitamin C is necessary for the shot.

Ginger – this is optional and not something everyone would prefer. However, if you want to pair the subtle taste of the white tea with a zing, we’d recommend adding some crushed ginger to the drink.

Fresh mint leaves – again, this is optional and entirely on the taste buds of the person making or drinking it. If you don’t like mint’s pungent scent and flavor, you can skip it altogether.

Some individuals also prefer adding some sort of lemon-lime soda or citrus soda to the drink to add a depth of texture to the shot.


White Tea Shot Recipe Variations

If the standard white tea shot isn’t your calling, you can quickly spruce it up with more robust alcoholic components like rum and tequila. However, remember that alcohol has a taste of its own, so you need to balance all the flavors accordingly.

Some of the most popular recipe variations include:

White Tea Shot Rum

You will need:

White rum – 1 ounce

Brewed white tea – 2 ounces

Fresh lime juice – 0.5 ounce

Ice – crushed or whole

Lime slice – for garnish

How to make it?

  • Take your cocktail shaker and fill it halfway with ice.
  • Pour in all the ingredients, leaving the lime slice.
  • If you don’t want a stronger fruity taste, replace the lime juice with a soda of a similar taste profile.
  • Shake the ingredients well until it becomes frothy and combined.
  • Strain it into the shot glass and serve with the lime slice.

White Tea Shot Vodka

You will need:

Vodka – 1 ounce

Brewed white tea – 2 ounces

Fresh lime juice (or lemon-lime soda) – 0.5 ounces

Ice – crushed

How to make it?

  • Take your shaker and fill it with the ingredients.
  • You can add some sour mix to the drink to elevate the taste.
  • Shake until it forms a frothy and light mixture.
  • Once done, strain the drink into the shot glass and garnish with lemon.

White Tea Shot Tequila

You will need:

White tea brewed – 2 ounces

Blanco tequila – 1 ounce

Peach schnapps – 1 ounce

Lemon juice – 0.5 ounces

Simple syrup – 0.5 ounces

Ice – crushed or cubes

How to make it?

  • Take a cocktail shaker and add all the ingredients.
  • For a lighter flavor and taste, you can replace the lemon juice with soda.
  • Shake for 30-50 seconds.
  • Strain the drink into a shot glass and enjoy.

How to Make White Tea Shot?

If you don’t want to try out the staple alcoholic recipe variants and want the OG recipe of the white tea shot, here’s what you need:

Brewed white tea – 2 ounces

Vodka – 1 ounce

Peach schnapps – 1 ounce

Lemon juice or a sour mix – 0.5 ounces

Simple syrup – 0.5 ounces

Ice cubes – 1 cup

How to make it?

  • Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then shake it for 30-40 seconds until everything is combined.
  • Once done, strain the drink into a shot glass.

To further accentuate the drink’s look, you can garnish it with a lemon slice on the side. Also, ensure that you serve it immediately to enjoy the drink’s flavor. Adding seasonal fruits like kumquats is also pretty great.

Is Drinking a White Tea Shot Good for You?

Unlike most other drinks in the market, the white tea shot is quite famous for its health benefits. Since it uses very little alcohol in the concoction, it is comparably healthier for people to sip on. Besides, the drink has fresh citrus, lemon juice, and Vitamin C ingredients that support the immune system and even promote weight loss.

While making any kind of white tea shot, your work ensures that you wish for a high-quality white tea like peony tea leaves or darker Shou Mei. These tea blends are unique in eliminating the risks of heart diseases and cancer and boosting the immune system.


A white tea shot is one of the most versatile drinks you can make or order for yourself. Given the drink’s light flavor profile and excellent taste, it isn’t surprising that it’s a public favorite, especially among women. These easy tricks and recipes should help you make your own at home without any hassle.

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