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Winning Tips for your Basketball Bets? - Slosh Spot

Winning Tips for your Basketball Bets?

Many gamblers believe that making basketball bets is very easy? But the truth is that basketball betting is more complicated than it may seem at first glance. In reality, all sports betting has its complexity, specificities and unique characteristics. In this article we want to offer you a guide with tips and strategies to be able to make better basketball bets and, therefore, have more possibilities.

basketball bets

These are very simple strategies and recommendations that will allow you to learn more about these characteristics of the world of basketball, so that you can become a more specialized gambler in this market every day. You know that this is one of the keys to good bets, specialization.

And is that many novice players -whether in basketball or in any other sports- make bets without ton ni son, without order or concert and losing real opportunities to win. According to online pokies real money before betting -in addition to knowing very well the market in which you are going to play your dough-, you should always make a small study to decide if the bet is really worthwhile and has value, or it is better to look for another market that can offer you better yields.

So, today we are going to tell you -among other things- how to do well those analyses of your possible bets, how to do well those bets or how to change the market. Actions all of them for which you will have to take into account -before making them- a series of variables. Although at first it may seem more complex, with practice you will be able to make all those valuations quickly and your bets will win in quality and you will win in banking… Unfortunately, like everything worthwhile, this requires some effort of study, learning and practice.

Five strategies to make winning basketball bets

To begin with, you should know that many of the strategies we are going to talk about are based on statistics. In case you didn’t know -and then you have a problem- to make good bets you have to make a lot of numbers. To begin with, we bet with quotas, which are the mathematical expression of the probabilities that bookers give to the occurrence of a result in a sporting event, in this case a basketball match. This is part -although it is not only, or as some mistakenly believe- of sport scouting. Some time ago we found on the net an interview with Carles Marco (former player and coach) that highlights the relevance of handling statistics not only for teams, but also to become a good bettor.

But let’s go over the basic and essential tips to make better basketball bets.

Do not rush and study calmly the available markets

Our first recommendation is that you choose a competition in which you want to specialize, or the market you are passionate about following. Think a little about what you say about the matches and you’ll be able to find your favourite market. You can make a silly bet on the German basketball league to try, but if it’s not the market you follow and study regularly, unless you’re a betting machine, have a divine gift or luck smiles on you, you’ll most likely end up losing money on this type of bet. That is to say: choose your competition and your market and become a specialist in it.

Keep an eye on the main basketball markets

As we have seen, it is common for novice gamblers -and also experts- to find bets that attract a lot of attention and we feel the urgent need to put some money in them. We warm up and we want to make the bet whatever happens because we want to watch the game, we think it will be interesting or we win to see a star in action. It is not a good idea to bet on caprice without analysing a bet. Wait before confirming your bet and think if the market is really worth it and you know enough to have a minimum success rate. Because we don’t question whether you can be very good at making bets in the NBA or the ACB, but it’s likely that in the rest of the markets you won’t be such an axe. Each one has its specificities and unique characteristics and you have to know them.

The best advice we can give you to make bets is to be humble and don’t think you know everything: that’s the secret to losing money. Some people believe that if a player who knows in depth changes teams or leagues, everything will be the same. And that’s not usually the case. Don’t take anything for granted, the rules change, people don’t work the same everywhere. Any fan knows that players don’t perform equally in all teams, not all coaches fit equally, not all leagues are equivalent, not all arbitrages and styles of defense and attack are equal. You don’t have to be a betting wizard to understand this.

Small markets tend to be the most profitable: original gamble

We all love watching NBA games because it’s the most spectacular league in the world, and we all think we know a lot about American basketball, but the reality is that all sports fans think we’re a national coach -as all drivers think we’re Carlos Sainz- and the truth is that we’re not.

In fact, in the USA -which we suppose we don’t need to tell you what the show is like- everything is great: when it comes to making bets we are going to compete against fabulous betmakers, with highly specialized betting houses in that market (because it attracts a lot of players) and with bettors who have been watching and betting on that league since childhood. So, the competition will be fierce and it will be very difficult to make money unless you are really very good and completely master this league, because you are going to measure yourself at the highest level.

So, if you haven’t chosen a market yet, we recommend that you specialize in smaller markets with less competition. What’s more, profitability in basketball is obtained in so-called market niches. If you like basketball and you are in Spain, a good option could be to specialize, for example, in the LEB Gold League.

Try the combined

The big bettors usually use the combined bets in basket in an intensive way. The multiplier effect of the combis is usually an important factor when making a possible winning bet, although the combined bets have their particularities and, of course, you must also know them. Most basketball bettors usually place combined bets with a maximum of 4 or 5 results. As a general rule we recommend you to make multiple bets between two and four results, combining three probable results and one a little more risky, for example.

Take advantage of all the bonuses and offers at your fingertips.

Almost all online bookmakers offer Welcome Bonuses to new customers, which allows you to start your walk in the house with the most balance and test its operation before investing your money with them, something that always comes in handy. It is also frequent that, on the occasion of special competitions or matches, specific offers or promotions are offered, in the form of bet return, free bet, increase in earnings, combined promotions… all of them are good opportunities to make bets that allow us to win a good money, provided that you read all the conditions and know exactly what obliges you to ask for a bonus, because they all have quite strict conditions.

To start with, for example, when paying taxes, bonuses are counted as if they were winnings in the betting house. So, if within a fiscal year you had won 880€ in a house and you think you don’t have to declare your winnings, but when you enter they gave you 250€ in bonus… you have to declare because you go over the 1.000€ that they quote.

Betting houses offer these promotions so that players can use them and be more satisfied with their gaming experience: that’s why it’s a good idea to have two or three betting houses to always look for offers and the best odds to bet, always knowing what you’ve asked for and what it obliges you to do. So don’t go crazy and sign up for every house, bonus and free balance that you catch, because then the management of your bets becomes very complicated. At the end of this article we will tell you some of the houses that offer good basketball odds, although they are not the only ones.

Try to cover your bets when you bet on live markets

It is increasingly common for bookmakers to allow us to cover the bets we make. Bookies use mathematical models to fix their quota offers in each case, but these models do not take into account more ‘human’ circumstances such as that, for example, from a certain marker against or in favor, players can lower the piston. If you are making bets on points difference, we advise you to think of a way to cover yourself against these results.

What can we bet on in basketball?

Depending on the market or competition, you will have more or less options or types of bets available to make your predictions. Among the main bets we can find to bet on basketball, we can highlight the following:

Betting on the match: is like the winner of the match in football or 1×2 in football. In the case of basketball, except in rare cases is not considered the tie for bets, because it is a highly improbable result, so the bookies will offer only quota for one or another winner, not for a tie.

Match bets are the most typical in basketball, which allow us to guarantee a more or less large and real market.

Betting on the winner of the quarter and first half. We can bet on the winner of the first quarter, the second quarter, the winner of the first half, the third quarter and, finally, the last quarter.

Usually you bet on the team that gets the most points in that room. In the case of a tie, it is usually bet that the team that wins the sum of the quarter wins, or the bet is suspended. For example: if we are betting on the winner of the second quarter and are tied at 18-18, in the first quarter the result was 20-18, there will be betting houses that give as a winner to the first team and others that give the match as there is no winner. The problem with these bets is that normally not too many people play and this affects the odds that will not be as good as they can be in the bets on the winner of the match.

Handicap in basketball. The handicap in basketball is a bit complicated to understand, so let’s use an example: imagine a game between Barcelona Lassa vs Fuenlabrada, playing at home Barcelona. In these circumstances, it is normal that those of Barcelona end up winning the game. If it is considered that it will win by +12 points, with the handicap we will bet not so much on whether FC Barcelona wins, but that it wins by a difference of at least 12 points. The handicap in basketball is one of the most interesting bets and with more bets, so we guarantee in some way a market quite close to reality.

Other bets. Other forecasts that you can make to basket include the combined bets to the winner, to the margin of victory (it seems that it would be the same thing that the handicap but it is different), to the total of points (it can be the sum of all, or those of local, visitor)….

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