The 8 Best Celebrity Booze Advertisements

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George Clooney, Casamigos Tequila

Best Celebrity Booze Advertisements - George Clooney for Casamigos Tequila

Everybody can attest to the fact that George Clooney deserved to be number one in People’s magazine’s most beautiful people.  No doubt women and men alike can appreciate his magnetism and charm. And just like Clooney himself, Casamigos tequila is aged and refined in the best way possible. For the non-tequila connoisseur, this agave-based liquor is actually meant to be sipped in a snifter glass rather than shot. It’s so good that after a night of many, many glasses, you may just find yourself in bed with someone other than your partner. Then again, any female left alone in a hotel room with George Clooney can’t be trusted. Hmm, probably a lot of men too.

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George Clooney, Casamigos Tequila

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