The Greatest Drunk Moments on Television

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David Hasselhoff

Don’t Hassle the Hoff, or so the saying goes. Why? Who knows? But for some very strange reason, David Hasselhoff is considered a celebrity. He even had a singing career, in Germany at least. And how can we forget his days as Michael Knight or his days being half naked on Baywatch? When someone as “famous” as the Hoff gets completely wasted off his ass, how can you not take a video of it and show it to the world? Too bad he couldn’t blame the paparazzi for this one, unless his daughter was really working for TMZ at the time. A word of caution, you may not ever want to eat a burger after seeing this, or watch another show starring David Hasselhoff. Hmmm, the last part’s really not that hard.

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David Hasselhoff
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