The Greatest Drunk Moments on Television

[tps_title]Tom Cruise[/tps_title]

If Tom Cruise claims that he had zero alcohol in his system that ill-fated day that he decided to jump all over Oprah’s couch, I’m not sure I’d believe him. Why else would he act like a complete and total whack job? Katie Holmes may be hot, but she’s still the girl next to Dawson’s door, not exactly worth looking completely insane over. No matter how gorgeous her brown eyes are. If that was just pure, run of the mill happiness for 50 minutes, then I would say Scientology better have a basement where he can be committed to. Good thing Katie came to her senses and asked for a divorce. Wouldn’t you?

No matter how fun it is to get completely shit faced, it’s only hilarious to those who don’t have to wake up and see it on national television. Being a celebrity sure has its perks. Too bad getting filmed completely under the influence isn’t one of them. Well, too bad for them at least.

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