The Demystification of Purple Drank

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Its Name and Ingredients

Purple Drank - Its Name and Ingredients

Purple drank got its name from its color. It’s actually a no-brainer, and it comes as a surprise coming from an artistic community that could have come up with something more unique. As the drink slowly rose to fame, the hip-hop elite came up with a few nicknames of their own: Syrup, Sizzurp, Texas Tea, Memphis Mud, and Purple Sprite. Purple Drank is obtainable because all you need are prescription strength cough syrup that contains codeine and promethazine, and of course, some soda. You can’t, however, replicate this with over-the-counter cough syrup. While you might get high, the effects are just different. Connoisseurs warn you against using the counterfeit version. If you want to screw up your mind, then you might as well go all the way for it.

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Its Name and Ingredients
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