How to Write a Passive Aggressive Note

How do you get on someone’s nerves quickly? Be sarcastic. You’re sure to catch the person’s attention. Just get ready for an equally smart comeback. But more than anything else, take pride in the fact that you were actually witty at some point in your life. Who knows, you may even end up doing this for a living. Your sarcasm may end relationships, but if these people can’t take your sense of humor, then they certainly don’t deserve to have you in their lives, right?

Below are some samples that you could get inspiration from. The people who wrote these should be your muse. They know a thing or two about stinging remarks and condescending tones:

1. Dishwasher Note

Dishwasher Note

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This obviously came from a disgruntled mom. But did she ever think about talking to Brian? This may have been his way of earning extra cash. How dare she quell his dreams! But then again, she did pay for the dishwasher and she fully expected her son and/or daughter to put it to good use.

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