Rappers With the Worst Tattoos

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Rappers With The Worst Tattoos - The Game

Funny that a huge 6-foot 4-inch rapper would even consider getting a tattoo of a butterfly anywhere on his body, even more so on his face. Maybe he was drunk at the time and just pointed to the first creation he saw in the book of tramp stamps. He probably woke up the next morning with a massive hangover and was wondering why he felt like he got punched in the face. He probably also wished that that was what really happened after taking a look in the mirror. Talk about having to do the walk of shame without even getting the sex. And why drag the Dodgers into your horrible decisions? Using their logo to make up for his mistake doesn’t make this situation any better, at least for this Brooklyn group of athletes. This is one cover up this baseball team will never live down.

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