Rappers With the Worst Tattoos

[tps_title]Soulja Boy[/tps_title]

Rappers With The Worst Tattoos - Soulja Boy

This rapper has many atrocious tattoos. And that’s saying a lot since most of his non-censored body parts on display are covered in ink. Maybe even some of his naughty parts too. Aside from the fact that most of his tattoos don’t mesh with each other, or look good even alone, each design choice is pretty laughable. For example, on his neck he has a dollar sign, kiss mark and musical note that any preschooler could have done a better job drawing. Secondly, above his eyebrow the letters SODMG sit, short for Stacks On Deck Money Gang, which is the name of the record label he began. Many still wonder why he needed to have it placed permanently on his face. Is it just because he’s proud? Is it for marketing purposes? Who knows?! All I know is that design choice after design choice for each tattoo just keeps getting worse. Unless you consider Chinese characters spelling out the name Tilly “fly”.

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