Rappers With the Worst Tattoos


Rappers With The Worst Tattoos - Diamond

Why anyone who would want to tattoo something on their face, aside from fake eyeliner or eyebrows is beyond me. Actually, even that’s hard to understand.  When Diamond took a photo of a bullet tattooed on the side of her face and tweeted it with the caption “You only get one shot!”, many were uncertain of its authenticity. Even when it was proven false, there was one truth to it all – that it is was a really stupid idea in the first place.

Take it from these eight rappers – the next time you find yourself in front of Miami Ink, make sure you think your tattoo design completely through. Even if it’s Chris Nunez himself doing the inking, remember that it’s something you’ll probably have for the rest of your life. Of course, if you have a ridiculous amount of money like some of these artists do, then at least you have options. Just remember, cover ups can only do so much for your tattoos, and nothing for your stupidity.

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