Hallucinogens: The Wonderful World of Peyote

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How To Take Peyote

The so-called “buttons” are found on the top of the cactus and are cut from the roots. They can be taken either fresh or dried, depending on personal preference. Some even drink them with grapefruit juice, if small enough, to help wash them down, while others make tea. In many cases, people that take peyote end up vomiting before the drug starts to take effect due to its alkaline properties. Although you cannot pinpoint how strong it will hit you, it’s been noted that people normally take between four to 30 discs, depending on their individual tolerance. Depending on how crazy a hit you want, I suggest taking a few first and see how it goes. You don’t want to get in over your head only to realize that there’s no way out of that proverbial rabbit hole.

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