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Hallucinogens: The Wonderful World of Peyote - Slosh Spot

Hallucinogens: The Wonderful World of Peyote

[tps_title]What NOT To Do![/tps_title]

What Not To Do When Taking Peyote

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Considering that we’re talking illegal here, it would probably be smarter to say “Don’t Do Drugs!” But then again, that’s only for closed minded, corny people. So make sure you know what possible side effects can occur when taking such eye-opening drugs. First, if you can’t actually be with someone who legally uses the stuff, then choose people who won’t give you up to the authorities. Of course, this is a pretty miniscule possibility, but we’re trying to cover all bases. Secondly, don’t lock yourself up in a room where the walls will feel like they’re closing in on you. Pick your location well, maybe being outside and feeling one with nature will make the whole experience a lot better. Third, don’t get stuck in a crappy environment. Create a happy atmosphere by having good music playing in the background. And last, don’t let your brain get too crazy. Just roll with it as best as you can to ensure a natural flow of energy. Of course, if you start thinking that you took too much or that the tree people are going to come out with machetes and kill you, you may just believe that it’s really going to happen. 12 hours is a really long time to be stuck in an imagined horror movie that won’t stop playing in your head.

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