One Hit Wonders that the World Never Needed

We’ve all heard their music. We’ve danced to some of them. And then there were those that we sang to when we were alone in our cars. We’d belt out these hits to the top of our lungs, hoping that the dogs wouldn’t hear us lest they howl. Yes, these are the one-hit wonders. While these guys no longer belong to the billboard charts, they’re still earning a lot from royalties. They may never even become rock and roll legends, but admit it, some these songs are our guilty pleasures.

Then, there are bands or singers who had their fun and we’re glad that they’re now over. Hey, we could only wish the same fate for Miley Cyrus. She could have followed their cue and ended her career before she became the Wrecking Ball that she is right now, pardon the pun. I just couldn’t help make that remark.

These one-hit wonders tried to revive their careers, but alas, the world woke up to reality and realized that they shouldn’t quit their day jobs. Being a singer wasn’t their calling. In fact, fate might have made a serious blooper when it decided to shine the spotlight on them even just for a moment.

The following is a list of one-hit wonders that we may or may not have enjoyed. Admitting to being guilty of the former claim could very well land us in hot water.

1. Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby

The man with the shaved head and the annoying demeanor decided to tempt fate and steal the beat of Queen’s Under Pressure. That should’ve been a dead giveaway. But alas! The world decided to indulge him when he said, “Alright stop, collaborate and listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention!” Seriously? When was he there in the first place and what gave him the right to come back? Rob Van Winkle was a definitely wrinkle in American Music History. His career didn’t end when he was arrested for domestic violence. Instead, people simply started to realize that there was nothing more to this guy than a pair of baggy pants. He wasn’t even able to successfully showcase his acting talent in Cool as Ice, a movie that a producer had the audacity to pay for.

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