The 13 Coolest Prosthetics Known to Man

[tps_title]Robotic Prosthetics[/tps_title]

Robotic prosthetics

Eat your heart out Six Million Dollar Man! How times have changed since Lee Majors was strutting his hard steel stuff in the 70‘s. With robotics being what they are today, the possibilities are endless. With the life-like movements and power capabilities, artificial limbs have taken on a whole new meaning. Even Robocop needs to take a run for his money.

Imagine the endless capabilities of the next years to come. With the origins of the first prosthetic toe to the newly conceptualized bionic eye, the world as we know it will continue to transform. And if I didn’t say it before, the word “amaze-balls” doesn’t even cut it. I can only imagine what they’ll come up with next. If you ask me, a bionic brain would be pretty cool too. But let’s not get away with ourselves.

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