11 Most Famous Movie Masturbators

[tps_title]5. The Exorcist[/tps_title]

Most Famous Movie Masturbators - The Exorcist

Linda Blair was 12 years old when she won the role. Sadly, this is also the movie she’s most famous for. Any other film after this became a virtual unknown. To prepare Blair for the role, director William Friedkin asked her if she knew what masturbation was. She answered with a cheeky, “It’s like jerking off, isn’t it?” She also openly admitted to enjoying a jerk or two at such a tender age. While she was deep in the devil’s clutches, Blair rapes herself with a cross, dropping the F bomb while using the Lord’s name in vain. This proved to the religious fanatics that masturbation was a satanic act, and of course, the bile and the levitation didn’t help one bit either. Before casting Blair aside, the demon asked the mother if she knew what her daughter did. Well, that scene was pretty hard to miss. And for all of us who dared watch the entire film, the scene was to be embedded in our minds for all eternity.

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