10 Types of Girls You Should Never Date

Dating is the first step of a relationship. A cute one or a horrendous one depends upon the compatibility between you and the girl you are dating. During the initial stages, both the girl and the guy try to put their best to showcase an impressive personality. But, in a while, their true personalities come out which can be troublesome for the other.

Here is a list of types of girls you should never date to stay out of the problems –

  1. The overly-feministic girl

The girl who always talks about the “girl-power” or “male dominance” should not be on your list. Their thinking is always wrapped around the rights of women and not humans on a whole.

Feminist Girls


All women are superior. And men, they are creepy. Yeah, all of them

 They can be irritating with their topics mostly encircling the women and their empowerment. All these girls can be really troubling in the case of small fights or arguments.


  1. You Belong To Me Girl


Possessive Girl


She is the type of girl who would get furious when you hang out with your other friends especially girls. You belong to her and she belongs to you – her philosophy. If you love meeting your friends often, socialize with new people and flirt with other girls, she is a big no-no.


  1. The Gold-Digger

Hey, babe! The Gucci purse that you gave me is only worth $5000. How cheap”


Gold Diggers

If you are least interested in listening to the above words and that too often, keep away from the gold diggers. These girls only miss you when they are hungry, want to go shopping or craving for an expensive vacation. Your Porsche is junk for them. Get a Lambo at least.


  1. The over-friendly girl

Over-friendly Girls


If you realize that all your friends are suddenly her best friends, time to show a red flag to her. Some girls are overly enthusiastic about befriending their boyfriend’s friends. Chatting with them day and night, asking them to meet regularly and talking about them is pretty normal to them. How often would you like to hear about your friends from your girlfriend’s mouth?


  1. The Dominating One

If even an inch of your flesh rejoices freedom, she is not the one for you.

You went on a trip with your friends last year. At least, keep a gap of a million years before you even think of going again”

Dominating Girls 


If you do not want to have a boss in your relationship, then kindly avoid this girl. She loves to control other people and you are her most obedient puppet.


  1. The I Know Everything Girl

The Over-intelligent Girl

No matter how logically correct you are, she would not listen to you. In her mind, she knows everything and does not need anybody’s advice in any matter.

The Sun revolves around the Earth. Yeah, because I say so”

You can never beat her in any argument because she is not ready to listen. You would hate to be the one to always listens to her bull***t.


  1. The Sweet Bimbo

Dumb Girls

She is beautiful, she is rich, she might be fun but she is dumb. And she doesn’t even know what being dumb is. All her friends call her sweet but nobody told her that words like “intelligence” and” “logic” also exist on this planet.

50% sale on Armani shirt means that we will get just half the shirt?

If you do not want your neurons to enter the grave before you do, it is not healthy to date the “sweet bimbo”.


  1. The Cribber

My life sucks”

Why is the weather so hot today?”

I hate my boss, your boss, and everyone else’s boss

Why a million only has 6 zeros. I hate it

Frustrated Girls

Even if you are a vacationing with her in Paris, she would have something to crib about. Most of her talks spread negativity around. The worst part is that she is aware of it but not willing to change her attitude towards things.


  1. The Always Suspicious Girl

Over-Suspicious Girl

Date any girl but an overly suspicious girl. She will be after your life with all the false accusations and suspicions.

Why did you have a meeting with your female boss after work? Are you dating her? Is she the new love of your life? You ruined my life”

 If you cannot handle these useless and false accusations on a regular basis, she is not meant for you, my friend.


  1. The I Always Drink Girl


Drunk Girls


Trust me, you would not like if your girl always gets drunk when you go out with her. It makes you responsible for her condition, always.

I can drink more. 10 beers are no more than a glass of water to me”

 A big no-no.


We hope that you get the perfect girl to date. If you have any other type of girl that you would hate to date again, feel free to share with us.

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