9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving

[tps_title]Method 3: Suddenly turn vegan[/tps_title]

9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving - Suddenly turn vegan

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You didn’t climb all the way to the top of the food chain to become an herbivore, but this is actually a good way to turn people off. Refuse to partake in that delicious stuffed turkey and talk about how much they’ve hurt the bird. You can even ramble on about the repercussions of eating meat. You’ll surely ruin their appetites. But hey, those on a diet will thank you for it. You’ve finally cured their constant cravings after that unpleasant conversation. The only meat they can think about eating right now is you. They’re dreaming about having your brains for dessert while you lay dying on the table.

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