9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving

[tps_title]Method 4: Clog the toilet[/tps_title]

9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving - Clog the toilet

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Here’s the trick: stuff yourself days before. Then, drink a diuretic going to the party. You can also get one of those colon cleansers that promise to be potent. You’ll be farting while the other guests are having a pleasant conversation. Then, hoard the toilet the entire time. Your family is bound to notice your absence and knock on the door. Tell them that you’re not feeling well. You’ll actually get some of their sympathy at first, that is, until they find out the next day that you’ve clogged the toilet. Well, it’s too late for them to react because you’re now at home, enjoying that takeout dinner they’ve given you.

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