List of Vietnamese Leading Websites about Recruiting Chef Jobs


Vietnam is one of the countries governed by employee, friendly labor laws especially on issues linked to termination or employees dismissal. This has led to quite a good number of people seeking employment opportunities in this country especially in the cuisine industry where chefs are required. This led to introduction of leading many website recruitment companies offering opportunities for qualified chefs worldwide.

Some of the leading websites include:

1. Global Expat Recruiting

This company works in partnership with their clients in hospitality industry in Asia. They work on behalf of their clients in advertising and recruiting the potential candidates for the respective positions. Their integrity and confidentiality earns them reputation of being one of leading recruitment site in Vietnam.

2. and other websites such as offer very exciting opportunities in the hospitality industry of Vietnam. They offer outstanding services to both potential employees and employers. Whenever you visit as an employer, you get a chance to post a job with its descriptions upon creation of your account. After posting, potential candidates will access the advert and apply for the same. However, for your posts to reach candidates that are more qualified very fast, you should pay for promotional fee that treats your posts as sponsored jobs. This makes it to receive more potential candidates in the shortest time.


The sitemaps a wide selection of job offers in a single database. This enables them earn their revenue by the principle of click and auction system. This website also hosts other sites referred to as partners. These partners are entitled to commission whenever a visitor clicks a payable link via their websites.

For advertisers, the websites administrator will give a personal account, which will enable you to post your adverts. The website also has a friendly user interface that allows you to manage your adverts in a consistent manner. Whenever you post an advert on careerjet, the website provides for its high visibility to the jobseekers making it reach targeted candidates.

For a job seeker, you are required to sign up with to create an account following the simple steps. Upon account creation, you can login and post your curriculum vitae.


This is another website that offers advertisement service hunting for their clients. For you to post a job advert here, you must first register with the website by creating an account. The jobseekers must also follow the same procedures for them to create and post their resumes. However, all jobs postings must be paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis as deluxe, VIP, chain or super VIP. For qualified candidates, they are supposed either t pay for their curriculum vitae searches on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

There are many leading websites, which offers chef recruitment jobs in Vietnam but just to name a few. Your choice of application will depend on some factors such as application fee charges and job requirements.

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