9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving

[tps_title]Method 9: Prepare a really bad turkey[/tps_title]

9 Ways to Systematically Ruin Thanksgiving - Prepare a really bad turkey

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This is a really mischievous trick. You’re working under the assumption that you’ll sacrifice a good portion of your time to prepare a feast. Then, out comes the turkey that’s been fried in peanut oil and drained dry. You did mean well, so which means that you haven’t tarnished your reputation just yet. They’ll be too polite to complain about what you’ve so lovingly prepared. Then, tell them that you’ve enjoyed it so much that you plan to do this every single year after that. You’ll get a phony smile from each member of your family. But you can bet that your phone won’t ring for the next family dinner.

There are ways to ruin every occasion, but Thanksgiving probably takes the cake. You can always surround yourself with friends for Christmas and New Year’s, but you’re forced to endure family for Thanksgiving. If you can’t stand some (or all) of them, then take these tips to heart and make sure to use one of them.

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