A Gentleman’s Guide to a One Night Stand

[tps_title]Seal the Deal[/tps_title]

Seal The Deal

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Most women are not keen on admitting their own intention in the open. If she’s with her friends, she’s probably not going to announce that she’s leaving the group to have sex with a stranger. Make an excuse to leave so she doesn’t have to.

If you are sober, it’s best to drive to her place rather than yours. Why? There are a lot of crazy people out there. The last thing you want is to file for a restraining order to keep some psycho off your front lawn.

The plan should be to either drive her yourself or take a cap together and head to her place. Earlier we did mention about certain risks when it comes to casual sex. It might sound tacky but if you are serious about no strings attached encounters, you better come prepared. You want a good time, not genital herpes.

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