12 Trends We Want To See Die In 2014

[tps_title]2. Neon Fashion[/tps_title]

Nicki Minaj in Neon Boots

What’s up with neon? Honestly, I do not know. Unless, you are trying to be on the safe side during a night time stroll or taking a ride on your bicycle at night. Those neon things that you are wearing are surely going to keep you safe.   Everyone would be able to see you – including pedestrians, motorists, and space astronauts.

However, aside from that, I do not see the need for neon to be cool in fashion.

Are you determined to be a Nicki Minaj look-a-like with multiple layers of neon? Then go ahead.  Aside from that, going neon is just not a really cool idea. In fact, there should be a law stating that this should be used only for certain purposes – like at raves or such things. Just not in fashion.

[tps_title]3. Wedges[/tps_title]

japanese wedges

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Have you ever seen those girls wearing wedges? I  honestly don’t  understand why they need to have such footwear. Just when we think we could not understand them any better, they decide to come out with another type of wedge.  Just like the originals, they are definitely not worth the time of day. Really!

They say they are Japanese inspired.   Please, just do away with them. They just are not good to look at.

Seriously, girls. If you want to wear flats, wear flats. If you want to wear high heels, then go for high heels. Not wedges. They are just not that flattering. At all.

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