12 Trends We Want To See Die In 2014

[tps_title]8. Sharing Information Online Without Doing Research First[/tps_title]

Baby on the Computer

So you read that the government is banning twerking in all states just because it is not a good thing to look at, thank God! Then, you read that there was some sort of loop hole in Obamacare that gives free gas in Detroit.  You are so gullible you pressed the share button faster than you ate that tootsie roll.

If you continue to be this gullible, your friends will rick roll you every day until you die.  Did you ever check the source of the information? Did you ever consider thinking that maybe the article was a satire of sorts? Or maybe it was something published in jest? Or something posted several years back? Believe me, “the Onion” isn’t just a vegetable used in Aunt Mertles Spaghetti.

It is highly important to be responsible online citizens, and do a little research. I hear Google is pretty helpful.

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