12 Trends We Want To See Die In 2014

Trends are everywhere! They just happen. There are some really good ones that could stay with you forever. The “trend” of staying healthy and fit?  That’s a trend that should last forever.  Cut off shorts?  That’s a trend I can live by.

However, there are trends that you surely would just want to see vanish or die a miserable death. Seriously, they just pose more harm or provide no value at all to society.   Mankind is best off without them.

You surely have your own list of stuff that you would not want to see again. Ever.  Don’t worry, we have one too!  If you are guilty of some of these things, do us a favor and stop! 2014 is just around the corner and it deserves to be free from these overused trends.

1. Selfies

Monalisa selfie

There are cool selfies every now and then.   Selfies posted almost each hour of the day to tell people about where you are or what you are doing, well, that is another story. This is a trend that needs to stop.

Honestly. Check your Facebook profile. Or any social media profile for that matter. See how many selfies you have out there. It is a total waste of bandwidth to see you smiling for the camera with only the background changing. If you are into always using the same pic with a constantly changing background, we have a better solution to save you time. Grab one of your previous selfies. Find a good background you would want to be in and Photoshop your face right in.  You can make it look like you went to Paris and Italy all in the same day, with the same awesome look!

But please. Seriously. Stop. Those. Selfies.

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