12 Trends We Want To See Die In 2014

[tps_title]7. Online Scams[/tps_title]

Online Scams

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How do you stop online scams from stealing all your beer money? Stop signing up for them! That’s how simple it is.

When Prince Ikabod sends you an email from Nigeria asking you to send a check to help him out, don’t go running to your local ATM machine.  When “Uncle Bob” says you won the lottery, and all you have to do is foot him some money up front to claim it – put the piggy bank back.

There are legitimate sites out there that offer you the chance to get what is really promised on the site. (No, we aren’t talking about that porn site you visited that is offering you three extra inches.)  Then again, if you are being asked to pay money upfront for something, you may want to think twice before clicking or typing in your credit card number.

A little research goes a long way to make sure you can get plastered this weekend.

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