5 Motivational Movies for Students

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There are movies that make you feel an incredible surge of strength and inspiration after watching it. You will have a wish to develop a new, move forward towards dreams, no matter what.

Movies can really affect an individual’s psyche. Motivating films about overcoming the difficulties, losing weight, changing appearance, can become wonderful helpers. If you watch even one movie, it will inspire and energize you. If the main character is able to achieve the goals, you can do the same.

Good Will Hunting

This movie is one of the top 250 in accordance with IMDB.

Matt Damon played this role masterfully. This story is about Will Hunting. He had phenomenal mathematical abilities but abominable past. He was just a sweeper at the Massachusetts Institute. Will lived in a poorly furnished dwelling in surroundings of Boston. He frequently showed a tendency toward street fighting and did not get along with the law.

The featured film shows us how the young man with outstanding skills can change himself.

Some of the most inspiring scenes – Hunting’s therapy sessions with a psychologist Sean (Robin Williams). We finally see how his psychological protective barriers broken. This guy from the street of Boston thanks his talent and determination, got successful in his career.

Dead Poets Society

In 1989, this dramatic movie received many awards, including “Oscar” for the original screenplay.

Here, Robin Williams plays a great role of John Keating – English teacher with an unusual approach to teaching. He skillfully uses the love of poetry and affection for classical literature, to break all barriers in a conservative Academy. Keating inspires his students, and his motto (Latin phrase Carpe Diem) causes them to break the rules in search of themselves.

The movie makes a lot of emotions, and one of the scenes that will surely capture your breath, is the moment when Keating explained to students what is its role as a teacher, and recites the poem “O Captain, my Captain…”

The Pursuit of happiness

Life flies in the pursuit of happiness. Someone bathes in luxury, someone collects crumbs. This amazing tale is about a life of Chris Gardner. He never had a life-staking question “How can I write my essay?”, as he never attended the college. Chris worked hard and went along the path of a homeless man, sleeping in a closet of Metro to a millionaire, the founder of a brokerage company.

He never lost opportunities and gained invaluable experience, despite the difficulties. It took a few years for Chris to climb the career ladder from the seller of medical equipment to the seasoned professional.

If there is in the world’s history, which shows that you should never give up, regardless of the circumstances, it is the story of Chris.

Watch the scene where Chris gives an interview and explain what price he paid to get to the top.

The Social Network

The movie tells us about the social network. It was made by two students at Harvard University. It changed their lives totally. It became an international sensation. They became the youngest millionaires in the United States. They had prosperity and popularity. But between the guys were many conflicts. It is impossible to have 500 million friends without making a single enemy.

The Social Network will show you a resounding success of the billion-worthy idea. Great success and opportunities to change the world have its price.

Interesting facts about “The Social Network”:

  • None of the Facebook employees took part in the movie;
  • Mark Zuckerberg did not want to watch it, but eventually watched it together with colleagues.

Freedom Writers

The movie tells the true story, based on the success of teacher Erin Crowell. She had a unique teaching style and helped troubled wards ascend to incredible heights.

Hilary Swank plaid this role of a woman with startling tenacity, pressure and passion for education. After seeing this movie, you will see how much her quality changed on the students, helped them become productive members of society.

Be sure to check the scene where Miguel reads aloud the excerpt from his diary, showing the power of education.

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