6 Benefits of a Mobile Lift Table

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Mobile lift tables are devices that use a scissor mechanism to lower or raise heavy objects or people. Usually, lift tables raise massive and heavy loads over small distances. The lift tables’ most common uses include work positioning, vehicle loading, and pallet handling. Mobile lift tables help to reduce and prevent musculoskeletal problems by positioning work at the correct height for the operators. The lift tables are customizable for specific uses and can work in any environment.

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A mobile lift table is an efficient way to transport heavy loads that need elevation across the workplace. In short, a mobile lift table is a scissor lift with wheels that has the performance of a lift table and the functionality of an industrial cart. Mobile lift tables are useful in assembly, manufacturing, order picking, stacking, and other industrial uses.

Types of Lift Tables

There are two different types of lift tables, namely:


A manual lift table is suitable for various purposes, such as good transport or a workbench. Mobile tables are simple in their design and reliable, used across multiple tasks. Most mobile lift tables lift between 150kg and 1000kg. They lift to heights of 490mm to 1000mm when they have single scissors and 1618mm with double scissors. They raise via a foot pump and lower using a handle.


An Electrical mobile lift table serves a similar purpose as a manual mobile lift table. They are straightforward to operate, and the only difference being they are operated by push buttons that lift the load to the desired height using battery power. These mobile lifts come with maintenance-free batteries, charging cable, and display. The lifts are available as single scissor with a load capacity of 500 to 1000kg and a lifting height of 1220mm. As double scissors, they have a load capacity of 500kg and a maximum lift of 1618mm.

How Mobile Lifts Work

A Mobile lift table works via hydraulic force, which elevates the load the same way as stationary lift tables. A manual pumping motion or an electric motor generates hydraulic energy. Mobile lift tables also have horizontal movements powered by electricity or manual pushing.

Benefits of Mobile Lifts

Mobile lifts have several benefits such as:

  • Mobile lift tables increase efficiency and productivity in an industry by quickly transporting and positioning work without using manual labor.
  • They are portable and easy to operate within limited spaces without having to renovate your environment to accommodate their movement. The mobile tables are not confined to one area and can be moved to work in various departments.
  • They allow workers to place work at the desired and proper height to reduce bending and musculoskeletal injuries. This increases the workers’ morale and overall efficiency.
  • Very easy to operate and does not need any permits or licenses, which allows the workers to work the lift without prior specialized training.
  • The lifts are either manual or electric-powered and have no use for fuel, which increases safety for the workers and reduces the operational costs.
  • A mobile lift table requires no maintenance and can give a good ROI (Return on Investment) for a long time.
  • Due to the reduction in injuries, the workers’ production increases as they are less often away from work. Lack of injuries also means fewer payouts in the form of worker’s compensation, thus increasing the company’s profits.


Mobile lift tables solve two ergonomic problems. They remove the need for manual lifting, which is a significant cause of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. They allow workers to position work at a comfortable height. 

There are myriad benefits of mobile lift tables, chief among them being the immeasurable returns on investment due to their zero maintenance costs. The fact that they are portable and are moveable to various departments is a valuable benefit. They do not need much space to operate, and no renovations are necessary to accommodate them. 

Mobile lift tables are a valuable addition to any workplace, reducing the workers’ load and boosting morale among the workers.

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