7 Best DIY Drinking Board Games

Drinking Board Games

There’s a great way to create your own fun version of board drinking games with readily available materials. Continue reading this post to find out how you can make DIY Drinking Board games yourself.

Best DIY Drinking Board Games

Here are some of the best DIY drinking board games that you can play at your next get-together with friends:

1. Beer Ball

Beer Ball is typically played with four, six, or eight individuals. It’s a team game, similar to Rage Cage, and both sides must have the same number of players to play fairly.

  • What you will need:

o   Ping pong ball

o   Beer cans

  • How to Play

Each team should sit at opposite ends of the table, and because this is a drinking game, you’ll need some beer cans! Each team will require two cans of beer if you’re playing with four people.

If each team has three members, there will be three cans, and so on. The groups can arrange the cans on their side of the table as they choose. The following phase brings the enjoyment and difficulty of Beer Ball.

Each team will take turns tossing a ping pong ball in this game. Then, each squad attempts to strike the beer cans of the opposite team. If a can is hit, you should take it and start drinking right away.

On the other hand, the team can halt you by seizing the ping pong ball and slamming it on the table! After that, you should instantly stop drinking and play move to the opposing team. The first team to consume all of the other team’s drinks wins!


2. Clock A Drink

This is a fun and easy drinking game to put together. All supplies are generally available.

  • What you will need:

o   A circular board (or old clock)

o   Bottle caps

o   Arms to loosen dock

  • How to Play

Arrange the circular or clock board on top of the round bottle caps. Using adhesive, stick them together. Place the arms dock in the center of the board so that the seconds and hour time hands are pointing in opposing directions.

Depending on your approach (automatic or manual), we’ll go with the manual because it’s usually easier; to get a stopwatch or use your phone. Set a timer for a certain number of seconds, such as 20. Rotate the arm dock such that the player drinks the drink brand on the bottle cap when the hour hand falls.

You may also create another version of this game by adding water to the list of glued bottle caps to make it more interesting, and you can even utilize both the seconds and hour hands.

3. Tarot cards drink

This game involves tarot cards stacked on the table’s board and a clear plastic cup prefilled with liquids, which is then placed on top of each card.

  • What you will need:

o   Transparent plastic cups

o   Various drinks

o   Tarot cards

o   A board or table.

  • How to Play

Arrange the cards on the board so that the backs are facing down. Then, place a prefilled cup on top of each card; each player must choose a card at random and swallow the contents; the stopper might be any card.

This is a card that prohibits the player from continuing, allowing the next player to pick up where the previous player left off.

For instance, we use The Fool tarot card as a stopper; if a player picks that card, they will stop and let the other player continue; if the player does not choose the Fool tarot card, they will still continue.

You may add your own rules to liven things up.


4. Circle of Death drinking game

The circle of death card game is built with cards. Cards are arranged on a board in such a way that each card has a full cup of various sorts of drinks, ranging from alcohol to soft drinks.

  • What you will need:

o   Cards

o   A bottle

o   Cups

o   Beer or any alcoholic drink.

  • How to Play

Put a bottle in the center of the deck of cards. Players will now take turns spinning the bottle; once rotated, the player will grasp the cup and sip the contents from where the higher end of the bottle points when it stops. To make the game more exciting, certain cards may include empty cups.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is similar to regular Jenga but with an alcoholic twist. It is a tried-and-true social drinking game that is enjoyable for all those involved. After extracting each block, you must complete a humorous assignment!

  • What you will need:

o   Jenga

o   Sharpie to write with

  • How to Play

Before you begin, take a marker and randomly write these guidelines on the blocks. When you’re finished, construct the tower and start playing!

Take out your usual Jenga set and write the rules on the blocks. Set up the Jenga tower, get some beers, and get ready to get intoxicated once they’re full of rules!

Drunk Jenga is played by pulling and arranging Jenga blocks one after the other, except that each piece has a theme printed on it.

Each player takes turns pulling out a piece and performing what it instructs. If the tower collapses, the player who caused it to collapse loses their drink.

5. Flip Cup

Flip cup is an easy, competitive drinking game. Two teams of 3-6 people contest to determine whose cups can be flipped the fastest.

  • What you will need:

o   Beer cups

o   A long table

  • How to Play

Place the cups of one team on one side of the table and the cups of the other team on the other. Fill the glasses with beer and assign each team member a cup.

Choose which side of the table will start the game and start it on the count of three. Before flipping the cup upside down, the first player must complete their drink. Flick your finger around the bottom of the cup to do this. When the cup lands upside down, the next teammate can take over. This process is continued until all members of one team have sipped and flipped their cups.

Add a shot of alcohol to the mix as an optional game element. In their turn, each player must take the shot, drink the beer, and then flip the cup.

The game ends when one team completes the job. The team that finishes all of their beverages and correctly flips their cups first wins! Remember that sipping or flipping your cup out of turn can result in instant disqualification.

6. Box with bottle caps

If you don’t have the necessary materials, making this sort of drinking Board game may be challenging. Otherwise, it’s simple. Simply purchase a board with a glass front, collect all the bottle caps you can find, and fill the box with them.

  • What you will need:

o   Glass containerboard

o   Bottle caps

o   Different types of drinks

o   A picker

  • How to Play

Get a stick with a hook, which you’ll use to draw the bottle cocks, or people may use their hands to choose the cock, they pick at random, and if what they decide corresponds with the available Bear, the person will drink the entire bottle. It is enjoyable, but avoid becoming completely intoxicated with alcohol.


We hope you found the above list of drinking games interesting. All these games can be enjoyed with a group of friends as long as you drink responsibly.

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