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9 Best Camping Drinking Games  - Slosh Spot

9 Best Camping Drinking Games 

Camping Drinking Games 

You want to keep the celebration going while sitting around the campfire with your best friends, drinking a few drinks.

But how can you make the evening more enjoyable and memorable?

In this post, you’ll find a list of the top ten most entertaining drinking games to keep the campfire fun going all night.

The 13 Best Outdoor Drinking Games

Here are some of the fun drinking outdoor games that you can play with a group of people whenever you’re out drinking:

Tipsy Artists

The person in charge of the timer whispers something to the artist and then begins the clock. That participant must then attempt to sketch that word on a huge pad of paper and have the rest of the players guess what it is.

When someone successfully guesses, the artist must take a drink every 20 seconds. So the motivation is to draw rapidly, but if you’re too sloppy, you’ll be drinking for quite some time.

Never have I ever

You can play the classic drinking game Never Have I Ever game with a group of individuals in which each person says something they’ve never done before. The other players will place a finger down or take a shot if they have done it. After everyone has said something, you win if you have the most fingers up; alternatively, you have taken fewer shots than your opponents.

It’s a pleasant game to play with coworkers, close friends, distant family members, and individuals you’ve just met; it’s a game that anybody can enjoy. The most enjoyable aspect of this game is playing with individuals you already know to discover their deepest and darkest secrets or just something they’re embarrassed to tell.

Let’s Go Camping

At the beginning of each round, one player visualizes a location (which will be the eventual answer to the riddle) and then audibly states, “I’m going camping, and I’m bringing. ” If the site is a strip club, they may start the game by declaring, “I’m going camping, and I’m carrying one-dollar notes.” If the next person arrived with a toaster, they would be mistaken, as toasters are not permitted in strip joints.

A player can predict the location at any time (not out of turn). They must, however, finish their drink if they predict the place incorrectly. However, bad guesses result in them sipping their drink, while good guesses have no repercussions. When someone successfully guesses the location, a new game begins, and they get to pick the place and begin the game.

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a traditional game that never fails to entertain.

Set up a long table with a pyramid of red solo cups on either end (five cups, four cups, three cups, etc.) and a fair sip of beer in each one.

The aim is to successfully throw a ping pong ball into one of the cups on either side of the table with one or two players per team. The members of one team have to drink the beer and take the cup away when the other team hits the ball into the cup. (If you want to play this game more healthily, fill the cups with water and have a beer on the side to drink from.)

The first team to clear all of the cups wins.

If You Know What I Mean

This is a game that is remarkably similar to one shown on the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” except that this version involves alcohol.

A situation or a scene is offered to two or more individuals to act out. For example, you’re both cooks at a restaurant. The players take turns having a conversation, one sentence at a time, with each sentence ending with “if you know what I mean.”

The first person to run out of sexually suggestive words must drink.

If you’re only playing with two individuals at a time, and one of them makes a mistake, someone else steps in, and the action continues. You can develop a fresh scene/situation to act in when one scene grows stale.


Get the shot glasses out. You’ll require a large number of these.

Fill a few shot glasses with your favorite bourbon and set them out on the table. Everyone in the game should now take a seat at the table and get ready to drink.

Everyone begins the game with their heads down, making it impossible to see the other participants. Someone should count down from three to one, and then everyone should look up and gaze at another player.

If two players are staring at each other, both must cry “MEDUSA!” and drink one shot from the table. The rest of the group is safe.

Rep this process until all of the shots on the table are empty.

Most Likely

Most Likely To is a game that may be played with two or more individuals. Players take turns receiving one question at a time. After then, the player reads the question aloud. Now each participant must decide who is the most likely to succeed. The player who read the question now begins a countdown of 3 or 5 seconds. After the countdown, each participant selects the person they believe is most likely to act.

Drink, drink, shot

This is a fun version of the Duck, Duck, Goose game which you must’ve played as a child. At the start of the game, each player should have a beer and a shot of bourbon nearby.

The first person walks around the campfire tapping each participant to take a drink. They then video someone and have them take a shot at random.

After then, that individual must chase the other around the circle until they reach the empty chair. If they are apprehended, the apprehended player must take the shot. The touched player must take the shot if they do not catch the individual.

Flip Cup

A larger table and a line of red cups on either side are required for this popular drinking game. It’s ideal for playing the relay-race drinking game with a larger group.

After dividing into two equal teams, have everyone place a beer in their red solo cup and line up on opposing ends of the table. The first member on each team, facing each other across the table, sips their beer and then tips the cup over on the table’s edge, hoping to turn it right-side up. After they’ve finished, it’s time for the next person to have their turn.

The winning team is the one who finishes the relay first. Everyone should be experiencing it after a few games.


We hope you liked reading the above article and found some amazing drinking games for the next time you go around drinking!

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