The Most Dangerous Sports in the World

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Motorcycle racer

Generally, sports can prove to be an immense source of entertainment and a time of merriment for everyone involved from the players to the fans. However, there are some sports which can be really dangerous, and yet they are practiced by many people. This is simply because dangerous sports bring a real adrenaline rush! On the other hand, if you would like to experience an adrenaline rush but are not much into dangerous sports, why not try online slots at Kitty Bingo? You might get lucky on the reels of sports themed game… which are not dangerous at all!

Nevertheless, which sport would you consider as the most dangerous in this assortment? From risky sports like Bull Riding to famous ones like Motorbike Racing, here are several most dangerous sports in the world.

Bull Riding

Bull Riding is a rodeo sport that includes remaining mounted on a bull for a long time, while the bull aims to buck off the rider. This sport has been considered as one of the riskiest sports, with damage to the face, head and neck as well as concussions accounting for most of the injuries. Back in 1989, it was made obligatory to wear protective vests during the game. That’s because a bull gored and punctured the heart of cowboy, named Lane Frost. Despite so many protective measures implemented, this sport continues to be one amongst the most dangerous ones.

Horse Riding

Majority of you have dreamt of owning your own pony, and to ride on it on a daily basis. But did you know that horseback riding can also be a dangerous sport? Lethal injuries and in some extent, deaths are caused each year by horse riding accidents. The most usual cause of injury is getting trodden while on the ground next to the horse. Other causes involve getting fatal kicks while heading the horse into the paddock or getting thrown off your horse. So, if ever one day you decide to get that pony which you dream of, make sure to exercise extreme caution.


Gymnastics is a sport that tests control, flexibility, strength and balance. This sport was originally developed to test soldiers for war in the military. But nowadays, it is an Olympic sport contested by many.This activity which shows an image of beautiful men and women in leotards has a horrid face to it too. Yes, the risks involved are very high. Cartilage damage, ankle sprains, spinal fractures, wrist fractures are some among the numerous injuries involved.

Motorbike Racing

Racing down a track at over 120 mph is insane in a car. Now, imagine doing that on a crotch rocket. And that too with only a helmet and a few layers of Kevlar for protection. Third-degree abrasions and broken bones are the most minor of accidents in motorcycle racing. Nonetheless, thousands descend on the Isle of Man for six days, each year, in what is believed the oldest race in motorcycle history. The Isle of Man Trophy is the riskiest race in the world. About 240 riders have died taking part in this competition, in its 108 years of existence.

These sports are considered to be the most dangerous ones in the world. However, for passionate sportsmen, winning and coming out on top are what matter the most in their respective sport. Like it is often said, winners never quit!

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