Periods Tips: Better Alternatives for Tampons


Periods typically last for three to seven days, and recur after twenty eight days or more on a cyclical basis. Tampons are the go-to material during those annoying days of the month when you bleed from your vagina. But tampons are not always the best solution because they can be expensive and ineffective when there’s a heavy flow. There’s also a high risk of incurring infections and illnesses from the chemicals that are in the tampons.

Because we believe periods are painful enough as they are without the added horror of the side effects caused by tampons, here are a few alternatives that you can use instead of tampons to control the bleeding.

If you’re accustomed to using tampons, these won’t be a problem for you to use as it basically works in the same principle. You can fit it inside vagina to collect the menstrual flow and take it out periodically to dispose of the flow, wash and reuse. You can clean the cup by simply leaving it in hot water or washing it with organic soap and rinsing it out with water. It’s very effective for preventing leaks and by far the best thing to use during periods.

  • Cloth pads

This is another alternative which is both cheaper and more efficient than tampons are cloth pads. These come without the added burden of harmful chemicals and can be reused after a simple wash. The waterproof lining around the pads makes it leak-proof and ensures that it doesn’t leave stains on what you’re wearing. It’s cost-effective, healthy and very eco-friendly.

  • Menstrual sponges

These are sea sponges which are completely and totally organic and come with no chemicals at all. They can be disposed off easily and are 100% biodegradable. Much like menstrual cups, you can use it by inserting it inside your vagina where it will collect your menstrual flow and stop it from seeping out. An added advantage of using menstrual sponges is that it can help get rid of period cramps. Just fill the sponges with warm water before using and it will act like a little heating pad and soothe the pain of the cramps.

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