7 Period hacks every girl should know

Each month with the arrival of Aunt Flo come multiple issues and stress. It doesn’t matter if you are a young girl who has just started her period or an older woman with years of period experience, it still bothers you. Periods can be different for everyone but for many girls and women, there are a few signs common like headaches, mood swings, or cramps. It can be extremely difficult for some and easy peasy for a few lucky ones. Somehow periods usually come at the wrong time and place and catch you by surprise. There are 7 period hacks that every girl should know to make periods a little less painful. 

1. Track your periods 

Trust me this is the best practice to follow. Keep a track of your periods in your diary or a period tracker. There are many period-tracking apps available online that you can download on your phone. They let you track your periods and it calculates when you will get your next period based on your period log. They also track your moods during periods. This will ensure that you are well-prepared in advance for your period. Don’t let periods surprise you with this hack. 

2. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep during periods is quite essential. Adequate sleep can help improve PMS symptoms. Women experience sleepless nights during periods that worsen common problems like headaches and cramps. Try to get as much sleep as possible during those days. Aid sound sleep by listening to relaxing music or a cup of chamomile tea which is widely used to treat insomnia. A good night’s sleep will improve your moods as well. 

3. Take painkillers in advance 

Many doctors suggest taking painkillers for cramps well before it begins. Many women have a low threshold for pain or simply want to avoid any kind of discomfort during periods. Taking painkillers in advance will keep the pain away and keep you stress-free. Always consult your doctor before you start using over-the-counter medication. 

4. Prepare an emergency period kit

Even with all the precautions sometimes Aunt Flo can pay a surprise visit. What can you do then? Prepare an emergency period kit and keep it handy. The basic things required during periods is what this kit should contain; A couple of period panties, pads, tampons or menstrual cups whatever you use, painkillers, and heating pads is a must in this emergency kit. This toolkit should be easily accessible or else it will defeat the whole purpose of being an emergency aid. 

5. Increase water intake

Water is the real elixir of life and a magic potion during periods. Does that sound unreal? It is but not completely unreal. Drinking sufficient water definitely has many benefits during periods. 

Water helps in maintaining body fluid levels. Bloating is another side effect of periods that many women face. Hydrating yourself can be a quick fix for bloating and improve cramp pain. Blood can become thicker with the lack of water in your body causing high blood pressure. This can complicate the period cycle for many girls and women. Water also helps in flushing toxins from the body to keep you healthy from the inside.   

6. Exercise 

Light exercises are beneficial in many ways, especially during periods. Exercise helps in blood circulation and increases endorphins which are the body’s natural painkiller and it also elevates mood. Light body movements like stretching, walking or light jogging, or yoga will improve your pain tolerance. Listen to your body, workout only if it is comfortable for you, and consult a doctor before making any drastic lifestyle changes. 

7. Lear how to make a DIY pad

Someday you might be in a situation where you run out of pads or forget to carry your sanitary kit. Such an emergency calls for a hack, prepare a list of everyday items that are easily available that you can use to make a temporary pad. Be it at school, work, or outdoors you should have ideas ready to make a DIY pad. One such idea is to make a pad out of toilet paper and a piece of fabric. Take a bunch of toilet paper and make a thick fold, wrap it up with a piece of fabric like a scarf or socks, and voila you have a DIY pad ready. This is only an emergency DIY pad and not an alternative to regular sanitary pads. 


Periods are difficult anyway, we hope these 7 hacks ease your period worries. Follow these hacks and stay a step ahead of your period problems and mood swings. Don’t let periods bog you down, accept it and handle it with utmost care.

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