Positives and Negatives of Owning Property in Whistler

Positives and Negatives of Owning Property in Whistler

Whether you’re new to Whistler, or you’ve been vacationing there every winter since childhood, it’s a dazzling place that holds a lot of allure.  People travel from all over the world to get to ski and snowboard on these slopes, and many who visit for just a weekend find themselves falling in love with the laid-back attitude and gorgeous views.

If you’re considering owning property in Whistler and aren’t sure if it’s for you: these are some of the most important pros and cons to consider.

Homes Are Quickly Gaining Value

The average home in Whistler has grown exponentially in value in the last ten years.  This means that if you buy land here, you’re going to be making an investment that will continue to pay you back for years to come.  This means that you could eventually sell and invest further or pass this on as an inheritance that will ensure that your loved ones never have to struggle financially.

Property is Prohibitively Expensive

Unfortunately, the other side of this coin is that property is incredibly expensive.  Many people can’t afford to get a home here because even empty plots are selling for as much as nine million dollars.  If you’re able to swallow this price, that’s awesome, but if not, you may have to consider investing elsewhere before it’s your turn to buy real estate for sale in Whistler.

You’re Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Every inch of Whistler is gorgeous.  The endless mountain views, magnificent architecture, and great river and waterway views.  When some of the snow melts away in the summer, the area turns gorgeous hues of green that will leave you breathless and entranced.  There’s no part of Whistler that isn’t beautiful, and owning property here means that you get to enjoy this beauty whenever you want.

There’s A Limit to How You Can Rent Out Your Property

If you buy land that’s been zoned for residential ownership only, there are some limits to it.  This can be troublesome if you’re buying a property as an investment or as a vacation home.  Residential zoning means that you can’t rent your property to anyone for any short-term period, meaning that every rental agreement has to be for at least a month, or you’re breaking the law.  This can ruin a lot of income for those who don’t know the rule, so you must keep it in mind.

This is a Vacation Town Many Love

This vacation town feels like home to so many people because of the gorgeous views, incredible vibes, and fantastic entertainment you can enjoy here.  When you tell someone you own land in Whistler, you’ll see them light up, and many will be excited to tell you about that time they vacationed there and fell in love with it.  Owning land here gives you the chance to move past being a tourist and allows the town to feel like home.

Whistler Has a Personality All Its Own!

Whistler is a unique city that has a personality of its own.  Although it’s expensive, it’s worth the investment because the limited land ensures that the prices will continue to rise.  Don’t be afraid to fall in love with Whistler and buy land here soon!

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