Single Happiness – 5 Things Single People Enjoy!

Single and ready to mingle?

The year 2016 reminds me of a year where I quite often come across kids changing their relationship status on Facebook. With the introduction of smartphones, the phenomenon called love has cropped up to a whole new level in our daily lives. Late night calls, text and voice messages are a matter of thrills and excitements to the present generation. The urge in knowing the opposite sex, on the other hand, is also an important factor behind this communication bridge. They start with becoming just friends and then eventually end up in a relationship. However, only a few of them have the courage to sustain in their relationships. Most of the people experience breakups due to various personal and family reasons. And once you have broken up with you considered to be your life partner, you may feel lost and this looses your self-esteem. But cheer up guys, this article shows you the positive sides of a breakup.

single life

Single AND Happy!

1. Understand life

“Nothing is permanent in life” is a famous sentence you may have come across in different books and movies. Once being single, you can very well feel the fact that your life comprises of a single person and no one else. That single person is none other than you. Not even the massive earth can hold on to a fixed place in the space, who are you to hold on to a person for your mere lifetime. Grow up, kiddo.

2. Value your friends and family

Being in a relationship, you might have noticed that your time is divided into 3 parts namely, family, friends and your partner. And you have promised yourself to keep the ratio same, but you have failed to do so. This is a major issue that you have to spend most of your time to your partners. Being single once again, you get to spend time with your besties and buddies and most importantly, with your family who is your sole origin. No one should forget their origin is the sole criteria in leading a respectful life.

3. Live for yourself

Being single, you don’t have to compromise with your priorities. No limitations on flirting and no extra expenditures in making someone else happy. Do whatever you want, there will not be a second thought about the reaction of your partner towards it. Take decisions that suit you the best since there is no one whose interests are to be taken care of.

4. Follow your passion

Every one of us has a hobby of our own which has a massive distinction from our works we are assigned for. Being a single person, you get ample of time to convert your hobby into your passion by giving it the required time and effort. Having a partner restricts you because you need to make sure that you have sent a goodnight kiss to the respective person before they fall asleep.

5. Physical fitness

Many of you might have observed that relationships are all about late nights. Late night call, late night texts, late night Hi, late night Bye, etc. This deteriorates the health of the individuals. Being single, you can sleep whenever you feel like. No pressure of waking till 2-3 at night. Wake up with the sun and stay fresh and energetic all throughout the day. This also helps you to flourish in your jobs.

These were some of the 5 reasons why being single is advantageous in your younger days. There are even more. Still, some prefer to be in relationships because they are well adaptive in leading their lives in a similar way.

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