Top 3 Movies Plot Twists For All Those Who Love Surprises

Do you love watching a good thriller? Ever felt that guilty pleasure while watching those movies with plot twists coming out of nowhere? Thriller movies are as good as comedy movies. If yes, then these twisted movies are a must-watch for you!

Hereditary (2018)

We have witnessed countless horror movies that deal with the concept of insanity but none as effective as this one. After noticing certain unnatural and strange happenings, Annie begins to suspect supernatural forces at play. The more assured she becomes the crazier she seems to her family given the fact that mental illness is something that runs in her family.

Or does it? Turns out the only thing that runs in her family is an affinity for demonic cults and one is led by her late mom. The more mind-boggling revelation is when Annie realizes that her dead mother is behind all this. The late mom orchestrated the accidental death of Annie’s daughter as a means to transfer a demon into the body of her son.

A messed up cult indeed! And even more so when you witness that their plan worked.

Parasite (2019)

It’s about halfway through the movie that the entire Kim family has infiltrated into the wealthy Park household as their workers. And now they are celebrating the same as the Parks are away for a picnic. Right around this time, the movie takes a turn and throw the Kim family into a downward spiral.

So, turns out that the former maid against who the Kims conspired to get her position, has her husband living in the basement of her house. And obviously, nobody knows about it since he is hiding from debt collectors.

This throws the entire second half of this biting social satire into tumultuous mayhem that we are not prepared for. And trust me, you won’t stop ruminating after you’re done watching the movie.

Gone Girl (2014)

Here’s another movie that gets twisted around the halfway mark. At this point, we witness that all the evidence collected points towards Nick. And everybody is suspicious that he killed his wife Amy.

So much so that even the audience is convinced. Now, imagine the level of shock when we meet Amy who narrates her story from seemingly beyond the grave only to learn that she is very much alive. And on the run so that her husband has to take the fall for her murder that never happened.

Sure we all do sympathize with her since Nick was an unfaithful and callous husband. But maybe not enough to justify the lengths to which Amy went to make her husband pay. This is the pictorial representation of the old quote: “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned”.

Honorable Mentions

Let me warn you that you’ll feel like watching these movies again immediately after to make sure you understood everything. So, in case you run out of epic plot twists to ponder about, here are some honorable mentions. Note down the following because it keeps getting better:

  • Get Out (2017)
  • The Descent (2005)
  • Searching (2018)

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