Top 5 Quirky Bars to Visit in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the boldest cities in the UK, perhaps because of it’s the swanky nightlife. Where are some of the best bars you’ve visited? If you have been to Liverpool, we can guarantee that at least one of the scouse bars made it to your list. From weird to wonderful and everything in between, this city will wow and dazzle with its exclusive drinking spots, seductive basement bars and quirky pubs. We’ve put together this small selection of some of the quirkiest places to visit when in the north-west of England.

Home bar


A real blast from the past, as this gaff makes nights out fun again! ArCains, in the popular Baltic Triangle, offers vintage video games and arcade consoles with a modern twist. Step back in time with your favourite amusements but this time with a signature cocktail in hand and plenty of comfort food to complete your fun-filled night.

Cains Brewery

Not just another average bar. Again, based in the thriving Baltic Market, this place serves the most fantastic street food and some of the best beer. The former Cains Brewery has been transformed into a laid back, feel-good location filled with great drinks, delicious snacks, and excellent live music. The Baltic Market attracts thousands of people every weekend – and weekdays too, for those looking to let loose after work! Local company RWinvest named it Liverpool’s hot spot as it’s not only enticed the locals, tourists and students, but investors too as it becomes one of the trendiest places not just to drink, but also live, in Liverpool!

Peaky Blinders bar

“Men always tell their troubles to a barmaid!” At least that what the Peaky Blinders say. As the show’s star Cillian Murphy had been spotted filming in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, it was only fair for Liverpool to construct a Peaky Blinder’s bar of its own. Think huge copper vats and blaring music as you sit back and enjoy this unique atmosphere.

The Oracle

We couldn’t forget the all-important ‘date night’, and what better place to cosy up with a loved one than at The Oracle. Not your traditional couples bar with dim lighting and delicious cocktails. This quirky number offers so much more, with quality cocktails and magicians performing right at your table. Enjoy the welcoming fireplaces as they burn bright, and you wonder what other magic the entertainers have up their sleeves!

Berry and Rye

Another favourite among the lovers in Liverpool, and friends too. For those who know their spirits and appreciate a quirky concoction, this bar is one of the best in the city. With a more secluded vibe and one of the best-hidden gems, Berry and Rye give you the finest drinks combined with the elegant sounds of jazz and blues. Situated close to Chinatown, enter through the secret black door, and if you’re permitted entry, bask in the wonders of all that Berry and Rye have to offer.


The list wouldn’t be complete without a secret spot. Ex-Directory is possibly one of the quirkiest bars in Liverpool. If you’re lucky enough to find it, and you have the all-important phone number, get ready to dial and enter Ex-Directory for a truly unique experience, unlike no other! The luxury bar provides afternoon teas or high-end cocktails with phenomenal service, and a live DJ to see you through the night.


Lastly, we’re heading downtown to the latest edition to Liverpool’s iconic night scene. This luxurious lounge gives you cocktail couture, with the re-imagined classics and custom blends. Relax with table service and relish in the sound of the grand piano and resident singers as Dwntwn gives you the most exclusive experience a bar can offer. The night will get a little spicier later on, as their featured DJ provides the best house and disco to take you into the early hours!

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