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Vapes Aren’t Just A Drinking Companion, But A Flavor Experience In Their Own Right - Slosh Spot

Vapes Aren’t Just A Drinking Companion, But A Flavor Experience In Their Own Right

Vaping has provided a way to enjoy nicotine, or simply flavored oils, in a way that doesn’t cause quite as much harm to the body. A study, analyzed by The Guardian, found that switching to vaping from classic smoking is “substantially” better for the body than vice-versa. For those who enjoy having a drink and a smoke, too – one of the best combinations, and great for socialization and relaxation – this is good news. Even better is the fact that the oil flavors you can obtain are more diverse and exciting than ever before.


Bringing in the sweetness

Perhaps the most popular varieties of vape juice are those that mirror sweet treats. A roundup of important information on vaping by John Hopkins Medicine highlights some of those most popular varieties; from bubblegum, to imitations of popular cereals such as Lucky Charms and Froot Loops. These can be a lot of fun when out drinking; they can cut through acerbic liquor, give interesting smells to discuss when vaping, and generally lift the mood of the person using the e-cigarette. While some of the more common flavors are available, these sweet, candy-like flavors are also one of the most popular – and still one of the most exotic. It’s hard to think that the sometimes acrid and burning smell of tobacco smoke would soon be replaced with the fruity and light vapor clouds.

Something more savory

According to British vaping site ECigarette Direct’s Ashtray Blog, some of the most interesting flavors to gain popularity in recent months are those that are chiefly savory. One of the oddest, and yet most endearing, is the butter flavored vape juice. While that sounds a little bit overpowering at first, consider the smooth and rich taste of butter and how that might translate into a vape – and, obviously, without the grease that comes with it. An odd flavor profile, it links slightly into another exotic flavor – roast chicken – which is reportedly making waves in the UK. According to reviewers, the accuracy of the taste is something to enjoy.

Peppery and spicy

Vaping owes a lot to the time honored pastime of hookah. Practiced in the Middle East, Iran and South Asia for hundreds of years, it adds flavor to tobacco, usually in the form of whatever local spices and flavors are available to the area and the traders around at the time. Bringing that spice to the vaping world is a great idea, according to Vaping Vibe. One of the most popular oils on the rise is one that simply harnesses the flavor of peppercorns, providing a spicy experience that also blends well with other, milder flavors.

Vaping can be whatever you want it to be, in the modern day. The sheer range and breadth of flavors, and the experiences they can provide, make vaping a great compliment to any sort of alcohol. In social settings, or just at the bar itself, that’s something to enjoy.

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