6 Technologies That Could Benefit From the Gmail Goggles Concept

Google prides itself in thinking outside the box. Coming up with new and innovative ideas is commonplace for this technological powerhouse. Unfortunately, not every idea they come up with maintains longevity and sustainability in this highly attention deficient world of ours. One of the best designs that we were sad to see die an early death was the Gmail Goggles concept. Everybody has woken up at least once in their lives in complete and utter horror while remembering their drunken ramblings sent via email the night before. Gmail Goggles was meant to be a preventive, making you answer easy mathematical equations before your electronic correspondence even had a chance to leave your outbox. They figured that if you can answer a simple multiplication question, then you’re in a right enough state of mind to send out an email. The beauty of this product was surely in it’s simplicity. Too bad it didn’t catch on. Here are 6 technologies that could have benefited from the Gmail Goggles concept.

Facebook Goggles

Facebook Goggles

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Here’s one app that took the world by social media storm! In its early life in 2004, the founders of Facebook couldn’t have known the phenomenon it was going to become, no matter how big their dreams were. Luckily for them, Internet fiends took to it like moths to an unbelievably burning bright flame. With status updates, photo sharing and relationship statuses all up for public perusal, here’s where the Gmail Goggles could have undeniably helped. Maybe a few simple division questions could help hinder you before you decide to brain fart all over the web.

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