And You Thought Water Boarding Was Bad? Torturous Songs from Guantanamo Bay

[tps_title]10. White America (Eminem)[/tps_title]

Torturous Songs from Guantanamo Bay - White America (Eminem)

Just like Tupac, Eminem is known for his sometimes violent lyrics. You’d think that torturers would choose his hit song from 8 Mile to break down prisoners. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their song of choice is White America. Even Eminem fans agree that the chorus part is extremely annoying. Suffice to say that they don’t like Eminem after hearing this blasting through their ears.

Some of the songs on the list are cool and some are downright offensive. Whatever the case may be, the detainees wouldn’t want to deal with another military officer ever again. And if they did, they just hope that they’d have earplugs to help them forget the harrowing experience.

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