The 10 Drunk People You Don’t Want To Meet At The Bar

[tps_title]The Too-Much Cleavage Divorcee[/tps_title]

The Too-Much Cleavage Divorcee

This one is depressing in more ways than one.  The fact that she’s the same age as your mom is bad enough, but the fact that she’s brought her girls into the picture is much, much worse. Hey, it’s not like we’re saying divorced older ladies can’t have their fair share of love. It’s just difficult to watch when you see her trying to entice the hot bartender with very sad, very wrinkled lady parts. Especially when they have been put in the ringer with one too many tanning sessions. Next time I encounter one of these creatures, I’ll send her a friendly chardonnay, along with a note and a ticket to the next flight to Florida. She’s sure to find her match in Mr. Oily Hair guy.

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