Perfect Gift Ideas for the Perfect Host or Hostess

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Summer is the season for social gatherings. Whether it be for a dinner party,a housewarming party, or holiday celebration, or cocktails, it’s customary to give the host or hostess a gift to show gratitude for the invitation. Gifts can range from consumable to reusable and can be delivered upon arrival as well as afterwards. Here are some great gift ideas that will guarantee you will be invited back.

The Quintessential Housewarming Gift

This one seems obvious. It is very important to know what types of drinks are appropriate for the type of gathering. Wine is great for dinner parties or family get-togethers. If you are hoping to impress the host or hostess, whether it be your boss, or significant other’s parents, a quality bottle of wine can go a long way. However, you need to make sure when you hand over the bottle to tell them to enjoy the wine in the coming weeks. You don’t want to give the implication the wine you brought should be served at the party. Chances are, they have picked already picked a specific wine in accordance to the menu. It’s recommended to spend $16-$25 on a decent bottle to make you look sophisticated and to leave a great impression.

Some Home Décor

The consummate entertainer consistently has people in their home, and they likely prefer it to be looking its best. If you’re shopping for a gift for a home decor maven, consider a modern decorative object or piece of art that suits their style. Having a hard time getting started? Shop for modern gifts here to find the perfect surprise for the right occasion.


Coffee is great for just about every occasion. It is a delicious drink that can be enjoyed at the party and the host or hostess can enjoy it for days following. Coffee is a very practical gift that will be appreciated time and time again.


Essential for any type of get-together. Serving dishes make a superb thank you gift for any party. Perfect for appetizers as well as a main course, a serving dish is a thoughtful present that says you took your time to shop around and find something special they can use for years to come.Good cutlery is also an outstanding addition to any kitchen. Ideal for housewarming parties, providing your host or hostess with a good set of knives shows you have an eye for quality and they will think of you every time they prepare a meal.

Book of Cocktail Recipes

Give the perfect host or hostess the gift of inspiration. Making cocktails is considered an art form and is a field with no shortage of creativity. There are thousands of books filled with great cocktail recipes to spice up a party with innovative drinks. Help your hosts become well-versed in the world of cocktails by adding to their bookshelf. In addition to providing a great gift, you will most likely be invited back for future parties and get to experience firsthand what they have learned from the book.

Garden Accessories

If your host or hostess has a yard, garden accessories are an elegant gift that will make a great addition to their property. Garden decorations such as a ceramic gnome or a stone statue will help bring their garden to life while practical items such as new plant seeds or a potting shovel will keep their garden thriving. Any gift that will make your host’s grounds more appealing will leave a lasting impression and be a great conversation starter for future shindigs.

Guide Book and Gift Cards

If your host or hostess is new to the area, provide a gift to help them get a better lay of the land or pin point a new favorite restaurant. Buy them a guidebook of the city to help them get better acquainted with the area and find some new activities. It is also a great gesture to stop by some of your favorite restaurants or cafes and pick up a few gift cards. In addition providing your hosts with free food, you will be helping to jumpstart their own list of favorite spots through personal recommendations. Nothing says “Welcome to the Area” more than a guidebook and advice on local eateries.

Giving a gift is all about making good impressions and showing you care. Be thoughtful with your choice to send the perfect message. Use these ideas and you will become a regular at all of their parties.

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