How To Brew Pumpkin Beer in a Pumpkin, in 20 Easy Steps

[tps_title]Step 11: Add The Rest of The Dry Ingredients[/tps_title]

pumpkin beer step 11

From the kettle, boil the drained liquid and gradually add hops for bittering. Feel free to add more hops to achieve a robust flavor halfway through the boiling and then another towards the end of it to enhance aroma. But don’t overdo it because you want a balanced malt sweetness, not a bitter mess! The idea is to strike a balance between the contrasting flavors.
You may also add several other ingredients to customize the flavor of the beer, like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove or any fancy spices you happen to have in your pantry. Chuck it in and hope for the best. It’s your beer, your rules.

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